The 2016 Marriage Proposal Survey reveals truly surprising findings about UK couples!


I have often wondered what the busiest month or most popular day is for popping ‘the’ question – have you?

Well, until 2016, answers to this query were not readily available to ‘Joe/Jo public’. However in December 2016 the results of ‘The Marriage Proposal Survey’, involving a sample of over 10,000 people across the UK, were made publicly available.

I eagerly investigated this study and found the results of people’s opinions about marriage proposals both surprising and enlightening – so, I thought I would share the study’s findings in my first blog.

In this blog I have decided to share ‘The Marriage Proposal Survey’ results of people’s opinions about the best day to make a marriage proposal – so, here goes:
I am sure that, like me, you will not be surprised to know that the majority of engaged couples have their wedding in the summer months. However, I am just as sure that, like me, you will be surprised that this survey found that WINTER is the most popular season for making a marriage proposal and getting engaged!

Armed with this knowledge I would have put money on Valentine’s Day as being the most popular day for asking someone to marry them – boy was I wrong! Findings in fact revealed that during the winter months Valentine’s Day was the least popular day for making a marriage proposal – receiving only 12% of the votes. The most popular day for making a marriage proposal during winter was Christmas Eve – receiving 31% of the votes. Even New Year’s Eve (19%) and New Year’s Day (16%) beat Valentine’s Day!

If the survey’s findings above are representative of UK couples then many will have become engaged this winter and will be planning their future weddings – probably (but not inevitably) in the summer months. But, whenever you got / get engaged and plan to get hitched Crafty Crocus is always here to guide and assist future brides and grooms with their hopes and dreams. Whether guidance is needed about ideas, etiquette, planning, trends, flowers, venues, etc.; we aim to help – just watch this space 😉



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