Snowdrops in a glass dome – everlasting display


Stunningly realistic snowdrop arrangement in a glass dome. Snowdrop terrarium.

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Come on spring!

You really won’t believe these snowdrops are artificial; they are absolutely amazing.

To enhance their delicate beauty, we have arranged these double snowdrops in real preserved reindeer moss. We then placed this arrangement on a silvered glass pedestal stand and covered with a glass dome.

Unlike real snowdrops, which only last a few days when cut, these little beauties will last for years. This means that they have a much lower carbon footprint than fresh flowers; which are often imported from thousands of miles away.

The addition of the glass dome cover will ensure that the snowdrops will be dust-free and retain that fresh, just-picked look for years to come.

This elegant display will bring a touch of spring and sophistication to your home or workplace and would also make a stunning Mother’s Day gift.

Approximate dimensions: Height = 28cm (11 inches) – Diameter (at widest point) 18cm (7 inches).