Real touch artificial tulips arrangement


Real touch artificial tulips

Arranged in a Dartington Crystal tulip vase 

According to ‘The Language of Flowers’ Tulips represent ‘Love’ – and you will most definitely love these!
These real-touch tulips both look and feel real – so real that even the bees might be fooled!
These delicate, beautiful flowers have been teamed up with a Dartington swirled clear crystal glass with a hint of pink tulip vase. Clear acrylic water not only sets these stunning little blooms in place it also gives the appearance of a ‘just-picked’ vase of tulips in water.
While real tulips have a very distinctive charm of their own, unfortunately, this charm is short-lived as they quickly lose their petals, wilt and die! The great thing about this arrangement is that it will look fresh and stylish for many years – you just need to swish the flowers in warm, slightly soapy water, to keep them clean and fresh looking!

Other advantages that these real-touch artificial tulips have over fresh ones are as follows:

1) They have a much lower carbon footprint compared to real tulips as, because real tulips don’t last long, they have to continually be transported by air and land. While real-touch tulips also need to be transported by air and land, because they last for years, the frequency of necessary transportation is significantly lower!
2) While the initial cost is greater for real-touch tulips, because they last for many years, the overall saving compared to having
fresh tulips for the same length of time is enormous!
3) They do not cause pollen allergy reactions in those who are sensitive to it!
4) There is no mess and no smelly water to deal with compared to real tulips!
Go on, treat yourself – or someone else (or both!). They will brighten up whichever place you decide to put them!

Exlusively available from Crafty Crocus