10 real-touch artificial roses – handmade top quality realistic flowers


Ten stems of real-touch, top quality, artificial open single rose stems.

Overall height: approximately 46cm

Flower head size: approximately 6cm long and 8cm in diameter

You are viewing a listing for ten highly realistic, handmade, artificial individual stems of rose open flowers in a rich vibrant hot pink. (Please note: this listing does not include the vase.)

So how do they look so realistic if they are artificial?

There are two reasons that make these roses look and feel realistic.

One reason is due to the shape, colouring, touch and detailed veining of these flowers which are all botanically correct – that is they have been made to look and feel like the real thing.

The other reason is due to each petal being given a latex coating before being assembled. This coating is both practical and enhancing. This is because the latex makes the flower dust and dirt repellent. However, it also and enables them to be washed in soapy water (if needed).

The result of these two crucial factors results in the appearance of delicate, freshly picked flowers.

To further enhance the realistic look, each rose stem has an internal sturdy wire. This is important – consider; in nature, no real rose stands perfectly straight and no two roses are identical. The internal wire, therefore, enables the roses to be bent into different shapes; just like real roses! Each stem can be shortened, if required, using regular wire cutters.

The roses come wrapped in cellophane tied with a pink chiffon ribbon – the flowers displayed in the vase shown in some of the pictures is to give you an idea what they can look like on display.

The approximate measurements of the stems are as follows:

  • The length of each stem (including the rose head) is 46cm (18 inches)
  • The open rose flower is 6cm (2.5 inches) long and 8cm (3.25 inches) in diameter

The vase that can be seen in some of the pictures is used for display purposes. It has 10 roses in it to give an idea of what they look like on display.

These classic rose stems can be arranged in a vase on their own to create a stunning display. Alternatively, they can be arranged with some simple green stems and some faux gypsophila/baby’s breath to create a different, but equally stunning look.

These flowers are great for floral displays, home décor, but they are also great for celebrations such as birthday, anniversary and weddings display. They can also be used to create stunning wedding bouquets, corsages, flower crowns and wedding décor.

You will not be disappointed.