Eco-friendly Tips UK: Reusable, plastic-free, biodegradable, zero-waste face cleansing pads -one small step for humankind; one giant step for our planet!

Eco-friendly Tips UK:

Reusable, plastic-free, biodegradable, zero-waste face cleansing pads – one small step for humankind; one giant step for our planet!

I’m sure that when you take your make-up off at the end of the day, the last thing you think about is what effects your disposable make-up wipe has on the environment.

But we can no longer ignore the fact that these small conveniences come at a cost to our planet. 

Most disposable wipes contain polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, rayon fibres and a cocktail of plastics. This means that they are made with plastic and nasty chemical, are non-biodegradable and are essentially bad for your skin1 and your planet2.

1Research has shown that conventional disposable make-up wipes tend to smear whatever makeup and dirt that is already present around your face; allowing it to become a breeding ground for bacteria. So while it may appear that these wipes are doing your skin a favour, in reality it often leads to clogged pores and spots. 

2Many disposable face wipes can take up to 100 years to break down in landfill. Worst still, if these non-biodegradable wipes are flushed down a toilet they can have the same negative impact on ocean life as plastic micro beads. Further, research conducted by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) (2017), revealed a 94% increase in the number of disposable wipes found on UK beaches. 

2 The BBC also reported that wet-wipes make up 93% of sewage blocks in the UK. They are especially present in fatbergs (something that occurs in sewers as a build-up of wipes, feminine hygiene products, fats and oils, and toilet paper). In fact, one particular fatberg recovered in April 2018 contained 5,453 wipes. 

2 A shocking 1.3 billion disposable wipes are used daily, polluting our seas and rivers or end up in landfill.

The average, cheap-end pack of 25 disposable wipes is £2.50, or 10p per single wipe. On average, users get through at least one pack a week; this amounts to a staggering £130 per year!

Good quality, reusable, plastic-free, zero-waste, biodegradable face wipes average at £1.25 each pad. If you bought 25* – enough for a constant supply between washes – it would cost £31.25. These pads will last for over a year if cared for wisely; a saving of £98.75 per year! (25* – you don’t have to buy all at the same time!)

So swapping your single-use, disposable wipes for a more sustainable alternative will mean you’re making a difference, both for your skin, your bank account and the planet. It’s time that we cared for the planet as much as we do for our skin. 

It’s a no-brainer!!!!!!!

It’s easy to make such a simple change as there are a huge number of companies worldwide that offer eco-friendly, non-plastic, zero-waste, biodegradable Face Cleansing Pads. Here are a few suggestions but, to keep the carbon footprint small, I have only listed those manufactured in the UK.

Available from   
Available from made by Willowooduk
Available from   
 Available from

Make that small step – you know it makes sense!

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