Bring on Spring with a fabulous artificial flower arrangement!


Hi peeps.

I have had a lovely day today creating a number of unique artificial spring flower arrangements / floral displays so we can have spring in our hearts and home all year round.

I have done some artificial flower arrangements using a variety of realistic faux spring flowers including the following:


Muscari AKA grape hyacinth



However I have to say that one of my favourite spring flower creations is my flowering snowdrop bulb planter. This consists of hand made snowdrop bulbs with double silk snowdrop flowers planted on a carpet of real reindeer moss in a pure white porcelain bowl. Truly scrumptious!

This is how I make them:

Firstly I make the bulbs from polystyrene and natural fibres. I then paint the bulbs by hand. When dry I add the little roots made out of raffia or sisal. I then cut my snowdrops to size and attach to each handmade bulb. I permanently attach dry oasis foam in my bowl and, having decided where I want each bulb to be placed in the bowl I then scoop out a hollow for each bulb. The bulbs are then permanently fixed in their ‘little hole’. Then, to finish the whole thing I attach real reindeer moss around the bulb arrangement. And hey, voila, Spring has arrived!

I would love to get your views on this latest creation

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