5 Top Tips for buying and displaying artificial flowers

Faux flowers are growing in popularity because of the obvious benefits these low maintenance artificial blooms provide:

  • Instant decoration
  • Cost-effective decor
  • Long-lasting (if cared for properly, they can last many years) blooms
  • No allergic reactions
  • Choice is not restricted by season

In addition, if you are one of those unfortunate people that just can’t manage to keep your indoor plants alive, then faux ones are probably the best option for you.

Take a look at a selection of artificial flowers and plants below, and get some styling tips on how you can fill your home with them and create a botanical haven.

Top Tip 1:

Do not buy just any fake flowers – artificial flowers are NOT created equal.

Whilst many of the cheapest faux flowers look artificial as opposed to expensive alternatives which look just like the real thing price is NOT the differentiating factor.

Therefore, when buying artificial flowers, from a shop or online; to ensure that you get quality realistic blooms the best tip I can give is as follows:

Use a search engine or book and find detailed pictures of the real flower or flowers you would like to purchase. Or, better still buy a real flower. Use these to make a detailed comparison of the real blooms and the artificial ones. Obviously, the more the artificial one looks like the real one, the greater the botanical correctness and, thus, the more realistic the faux flower will look.

However, even if the faux flowers look realistic but are not internally wired you are unlikely to achieve a natural and realistic display. This is because real flowers are not identical shapes and sizes so, the internal wiring is necessary to enable them to be bent in to different shapes for displays.

I am very picky about the ones I buy and only ever buy those that are botanically correct; because this makes a huge difference when it comes to making a display look as realistic as is possible.

Top Tip 2:

The stems and foliage of real flower are not perfect and do not stand straight on their stems. Nor do they grow in nice uniformly arranged patterns. Consequently, if you want your artificial flowers to look realistic then you need to:

  • Use your hands to bend and droop until they stand more like the real flowers do.
  • Arrange or place the flowers so they are NOT perfectly symmetrical. Using a odd number of stems is a great idea to achieve a non-symmetrical arrangement too!

Top Tip 3:

If you are / have bought some quality botanically correct flowers then make sure you get your money’s worth!

Don’t use your faux flowers in the same way year after year; instead you can:

Place them in a different vase or container. 

Move them from room to room so you get lots of mileage out of your purchase. For example I have used the same forsythia branches in a few different ways –see below:

Use the same flowers in different ways for a new look

Top Tip 4:

Real flowers shed their petals, so make your arrangement look more realistic by scattering a few petals, blossoms and/or buds on the surface where the arrangement is placed.

Top Tip 5:

Many floral artists use acrylic fake water in the vase to look as if it is filled with water. This looks fantastic but it also means that the flowers are going to be permanently set in that vase.

So, if you want your artificial flowers to look more realistic then simply add water to a transparent vase. However, beware! The wires in the flowers can react with the water and go rusty; so, to avoid this reaction simply paint a few coats of clear nail varnish over any exposed wire before adding water.

Use water in a clear vase to enhance realistic look
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